The Czech Republic met its obligations and at the beginning of this year 2016 extended the list of sites designated for selected species and habitat types of European interest. Designation process was based on conclusions made during the bilateral meeting between the Czech Republic and the European Commission which was held in March 2011 in Prague. Before that, the Commission assessed whether the species and habitat types on Annexes I and II were sufficiently represented by the sites designated to date. After panel discussion, the Commission concluded insufficiency for 15 species and 21 habitat types in the Continental region and 3 species and 1 habitat type in the Pannonian region. Designation process started in 2014 identifying new and suitable existing sites, which were negotiated by public and responsible authorities. In the next step, proposal of final national list of SCI´s was negotiated in frame of legislative procedure, resulted in implementing regulation adopted by the Czech government in February 2016. The Czech Natura 2000 network now consists of 1 111 sites.
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