Member states select and designate the protection areas. The identification and delimination must be based on scientific criteria (for more detail see Natura 2000 Site Designation Process).

The Natura 2000 was adopted in the Act No. 114/1992 Coll. on the Nature and Landscape Protection in the Czech Republic. The Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic prepares the list of proposed Sites of Community Importance and Special Protection areas. Scientific guarantee of the pSCI ensures the Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic (ANCLP CR). The professional preparation of the proposed list of Special Protection Areas was coordinated under a supervision of the ANCLP CR by the Czech Society for Ornithology (CSO, Czech partner of BirdLife International).
The list of Sites of Community Importance is designated in the Government Order, while each SPA is designated in individual Government Order. The list of SCI adopted by the Commission is announced by the Ministry of the Environment. Documents are placed here.

The SCIs should be according to the Act on Nature and Landscape Protection designated under the national protection category (National Parks, Protected Landscape Areas, National Nature Reserves, Nature Reserves, National Natural Monument, Natural Monument) or should be protected under contractual protection (section 39) within 6 years after the Commission adoption.

Principals of designation of proposed Sites of Community Importance in the Czech Republic

Before the identification of areas the mapping of habitat types and species territories was carried out by the ANCLP CR to ensure the scientific based delimitation of pSCI. The results are also used for an assessment of the representativity and ecological quality of each area. Especially the habitat mapping results exceeds in quality data used by all 25 EU Member States for Natura 2000 delimitation process and they serve for nature conservation in its broadest sense in the Czech Republic (for more detail see Härtel H., Lon?áková J., Hošek M. (eds.) 2009: Mapování biotop? v ?eské republice - východiska, výsledky, perspektivy [Habitat Mapping in the Czech Republic – resources, results, perspectives]. Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic, 125p. – In Czech with English Summary)

Following phenomena were mapped:

mosses and lichens 2000-2003
vascular plant species 2000-2003
animal species 2000-2003
vegetation cover 2000-2003

From these mappings four lists of areas were proposed for each phenomenon. In next step overlapping localities were unified (scheme). The proposed list contained 883 areas. After the inter-ministerial consultation the final list (Government Order 132/2005 Coll.) contains 863 areas.

The analysis of the list of proposed SCI for Pannonian bio-geographical region was carried out on the scientific seminar in 26-27th May 2005 in Sarród (Hungary). According to the recommendations the list of pSCI was completed and finalised in 14th November 2007 (Government Order 301/2007 Coll.) – 17 new areas were designated, 15 extensions in present areas were adopted, 1 area was deleted (CZ0620039 Za Dyjí). The list was adopted by the Commission at 15th January 2008 (2008/26/EC, notified under document number C(2007) 5404).

The bio-geografical seminar for Continental region was held in 26-28th April 2006 in Darová (Czech Republic). Several gaps were found in the Czech list of pSCI (Final Conclusions). Sufficient SCI were adopted by the Commission in 15th January 2008 (2008/25/EC).

New scientific proposal according to the results of the bio-geographical seminar was prepared in August 2007 (252 new areas were added and 133 areas were changed). After the preliminary consultation (governmental bodies, regional governments, major stakeholders) new list containing 249 new areas, 29 enormously changed areas (the code was changed), 176 changed areas was proposed to the inter-ministerial consultation (in April 2009) before the adoption of the list by the government.
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