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Katalog biotop? ?eské republiky [Habitat Catalogue of the Czech Republic]

English summary

Chytrý, M., Ku?era, T. & Ko?í, M. (eds.), AOPK ?R, Praha, 2001

Red book on Habitats of the Czech Republic

- online catalogue of habitats of the Czech Republic and on series of red books on animal, fungi and plant species.
Mapování biotop? v ?eské republice [Habitat mapping in the Czech Republic], in Czech with English summary Härtel H., Lon?áková J., Hošek M. 9eds.), AOPK ?R Praha, 2009

Report on implementation of the NATURA 2000 NETWORK in Europe (June 2008)

Austrian Court of Audit,
Supreme Audit Office, Czech Republic,
National Audit Office of Estonia,
National Audit Office of Finland,
Court of Accounts of France,
State Audit Office of Hungary
and National Audit Office of the United Kingdom

koordinováno: Court of Accounts of France
with the technical assistance of the European Court of Auditors

Nature and biodiversity cases - Ruling of the European Court of Justice Evropská Komise, 134p., 2006
Birds in the European union - a status assessment BirdLife Intenational, Wageningen. 50p., 2004
Birds in Europe (BirdLife Conservation Series No. 12) BirdLife International, 374p., 2004

Natura 2000 v ?eské republice. Návrh pta?ích oblastí [NATURA 2000 in the Czech Republic: Proposal of Special Protection Areas]

p. 1-36

p. 37-74

p. 75-95

p. 96-106

p. 107-200

Hora, J., Marhoul, P., Urban, T. , ?eská spole?nost ornitologická, Praha, 200p, 2002

(In Czech with some English headlines or terms)

Natura 2000 Site Designation Process with a special focus on the Biogeographical seminars, CEEWEB 2004
Interpretation Manual of European Union Habitats European Commission, 2007
Natura 2000 in the Continental Region Office for Official Publications of the European Communities, Luxembourg 2005

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