The Czech Republic met its obligations and at the beginning of this year 2016 extended the list of sites designated for selected species and habitat types of European interest.  18.5.2016,
New list of pSCIs was adopted by the Government of the Czech Republic on 5th October. However, it will be in force since November. The old list is available on this web sites till the beginning of November – the change will be announced in the section News 21.10.2009,

The biogeographical seminar for Atlantic region happened 24th and 25th May 2009 in Galway (Ireland). Ten member states were involved: Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. The Galway seminar was the 1st one for marine sites 18.6.2009,

Agency for Nature Conservation and Landscape Protection of the Czech Republic publishes Mapování biotop? v ?eské republice - východiska, výsledky, perspektivy [Habitat Mapping in the Czech Republic - resources, results and perspectives] (Härtel H., Lon?áková J., Hošek M. (eds.), 125 p. ) 18.6.2009,
The Commission adopted four decisions that significantly extend the Natura 2000 network in four biogeographical regions 7.1.2008,
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